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Passenger numbers increase and as a result of that the number of bags being brought into the airport terminals also rise. Airport and their Airline partners are faced with the huge challenge to handle all these passengers within their existing infrastructure. IATA forecasts that by 2034 around 7.4 Billion passengers are expected to be using Air Transport.

Over the last decade, many self-service options have been introduced at the airport terminals. Self-tagging and fully automated self-service bag drop have enabled already to reimagine the way bags can be handled. This has led to less queuing and empowered passengers to take care of their own. Still more needs to be done and the solution can often be found in the small details like the bag tag presented to the passenger.

"We cannot expect a modern Bag drop system to require passengers to use a bag tag that was designed 40 years ago to be applied by a trained agent" was the original statement from our founder Borry Vrieling at the start of our company in 2012. This insight has led to a very revolutionary, linerless solution. This was picked up by KLM as the first Airline using eezeetags, soon followed by Lufthansa and after that many legacy and point to point carriers followed.

Working closely together with all major kiosk and self-service bag drop vendors as well as helping kiosk printer manufacturers develop an eezeetags certified printer, has led to a further adaption of
eezeetags as the predominant self-service bag-tag used. The biggest reason behind this success is the fact that the process of the passenger self-tagging their bag, has a high risk of becoming the weakest link if not intuitive. If all the details are correct you are able to increase the bag drop capacity with staggering numbers. And it enables to have the actual bag drop and tagging further away from the airport, where no service staff is around, like hotel lobbies, carparks, amusement parks etc..

At eezeetags we understand that Airports and Airlines aren't just looking for products. They want solutions that will materialize into cost savings and increased efficiencies for their business.

And only in that way we can keep air travel easy and affordable.
The future of self-tagging

Gatwick tested several self-tagging possibilities and drew the conclusion that eezeetags has the performance.

- Guy Stephenson, Chief Officer, London Gatwick Airport

The solution for a clean experience wasn't realized until we started to use eezeetags snap-tag.

- Mr. Thomas Doogan passenger experience manager EasyJet

The trial is already speeding up the process for passengers and the initial feedback has been very positive.

- Phil Holder, Head of Operations Support at Bristol Airport

After opening AutoBagdrop at Dublin Airport the bagdrop capacity grew with 200%, operational costs dropped and the passenger satisfaction tripled.

- Mr. Stephen Kavanagh CEO AirLingus
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Annually over 40 million passengers use an eezeetag to self-tag their bag out of different Bag Drop Units at many Airports serving multiple Airlines either dedicated or Common Use. Underneath you find a few names working with eezeetags and this is an ever growing list.
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