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The unique cooperation between the world’s leading bag-tag manufacturers under the umbrella of The eezeetags® family” is not only a highly competent and trustworthy network, but also a globally recognised guarantor of compliance with high quality standards.

To achieve this, it’s essential to deliver impeccable product quality in the tags. Experience shows that this doesn’t just depend on the manufacture of the composite material – with its special patented adhesive technology from Sihl – or its subsequent packaging into print-ready rolls. The finishing on the press, the final finishing in small rolls, and the print quality at the kiosk provider is also of the utmost importance in ensuring the best possible quality for the eezeetags® all-in-one solution.

eezeetags b.v. has licensed the following companies to produce and sell the eezeetags® product. For more information please contact the company in your area. If your Geographical area is not listed yet, please get in touch with eezeetags® HQ in the Netherlands.

If you are a bag tag manufacturer in an unlisted GEO and like to be part of this success story, please get in contact with Borry Vrieling founder and MD, to apply for family membership
Security Label GmbH Sarstedt, Germany. Will look after Europe, Turkey and North Africa (sales and production).
Kimoha entrepreneurs FZCO Dubai, UAE. Will look after the GCC countries, East Africa, India and the Indian Subcontinent (sales and production).
George Schmitt & Co Guilford, Connecticut US. US, will look after the North American continent (production).
SIHL Manufacturer of the patented composite material that, thanks to the special coating on theback, only sticks to itself, so no silicone paper is needed.
Gateway Business Communications Middle-Town, Connecticut, US. Has been the US sales agent for many years already and joined the family to take care of sales on the North American continent (sales).
Geostick Will be the back-up resiliency production entity. (no direct sales )
TMA TMA will look after the Australia and New Zealand region. (sales and production)

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